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Top pros and cons of gated community in California

When you think about gated community, what are the first things that come to your mind? You must think about safety, exclusivity, celebrities living there, expensive homes and so on. But, what hide those gates and will your family fit there? Before you choose to move to a gated community, we are going to explain some basic things to you and make this decision much easier.

Privacy and security

Among the other things, nowadays, people are often worried about the safety of their families. Privacy and security are one of the great features that gated community provides and in some cases, they don’t come as cheap ones. Many people choose gated community because of the element of safety. Security has become a major issue in modern society, especially regarding criminal activities. The crime rate is significantly reduced in gated communities. Residential homes in a gated community come as a pleasant thing, especially when you don’t have to worry about the robbery and solicitors. Of course, no one can guarantee you that you won’t be a victim of the crime, you still need to lock your doors, but at least, some gated communities have guards and gates with keypads.

Traffic free

Traffic and speeding cars are significantly reduced in gated communities. You children will feel safe while playing outside or riding a bike. Another positive side of gated community is high quality of homes, they have a stricter building code and have unique design. If you decide to sell your house later, this can give you great advantage because you will be able to make a better deal. In most cases, won’t have to worry about boring neighbors and unkempt lawns and yards. Homeowners in a gated community are proud of their homes and they generally keep it in a good condition. Usually, a few houses are always available for sale. Considering social value, you can explore a lot of possibilities here, for example community centers, various events and activities for the family. If you have an intention to buy a house in a gated community, contact this agent.

High home prices

This one of the downsides of gated communities are the high prices of homes and expensive HOA fees, after all, you have to pay gate guards, private security, and maintenance. Most roads in gated communities are private, so you will need to participate in their maintenance, and good luck negotiating with your neighbors. When we talk about security, all depends on how much money you are willing to pay and what kind of system you are going to install. There is a high possibility that the community won’t be patrolled by a guard unless HOA approves such action. On the other hand, if the community only has a gate, thieves won’t have a hard time breaching it. You have to make one mistake and to give a code to a pizza delivery guy, and your security is at jeopardy. Gated community is a small city which has all the essentials you will need.

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